Build the perfect Texas place setting

Inspired by our love of Texas cuisine and the built environment, these reusable, blueprint-style placemats document our favorite hometown meals in the language of architecture and construction. Designed and illustrated by our team, you'll find axonometric drawings on the fronts, with details and sections on the backs. Tasty contractual legalese spices up the sidebars.

This special edition Texas six-pack features tacos, BBQ, sushi, ramen, burgers, and pancakes.

Find them now at select home-town retailers including Whole Earth Provision Co., A-Town, the Blanton Museum Shop at UT Austin, Parker + Scott, and Grey Market at The Thompson Hotel.

Follow our retail journey @dnnerplns. For wholesale inquiries, please contact dinnerplans@asteriskdesign.com

Project Team

  • Maggie Stephens

Strictly local

DinnerPlans are not just about Texas, they are 100% produced in our home state. They're perfect for your Lone Star table or as souvenirs for ex-pats or visitors.

Soft flour and/or corn tortillas may be substituted for crunchy taco shells; jicama and cauliflower tortillas are not recommended except for diners residing north of IH-40 or in localities where taco assembly code requires adherence to vegan accessibility standards.

Made to last

DinnerPlans are durably printed on washable and recyclable polypropylene.

Asterisk and its suppliers shall not be held responsible for any boys brought to the yard by reason of milkshakes.

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