Temporary signage for public places

The ongoing challenge presented by COVID-19 has required all of us to move through places and interact with one other in unfamiliar and often unintuitive ways. This unwelcome reality means that nearly every public or semi-private facility must offer clear guidance and easy-to-follow on-site safety and hygiene instructions.

In the first weeks of the pandemic, the forward-thinking facilities team at NI (National Instruments) commissioned us to put our two decades of signage and wayfinding expertise to work on the design of a temporary signage system to be applied, produced, and rolled out very quickly to address the changing navigation needs of global HQ and its essential workers.

Our system — designed and deployed in under 3 weeks — proved critical for NI in early 2019 and remains applicable and available for use in offices, apartments, stores, museums, hotels, and anywhere else the way people navigate and share space has shifted.


  • Signage and Wayfinding

Follow the yellow signs

We designed GamePlan™ to be highly visible, universally understood, authoritative, and easy to customize, deploy, and update. The system provides users with clear guidance on specific requirements in critical areas that include:
– site and building access
– defined circulation patterns
– room occupancy limit
– distancing and personal space guidelines
– PPE requirements
– hygiene expectations

GamePlan can be rapidly deployed using readily available materials and common office printers. Larger-format and exterior items can be reproduced by many local sign shops, including those that we have partnered with for streamlined deployment.


Design for the greater good

To help organizations of all sizes when they choose to adapt and reopen — and in the collaborative spirit these times demand — we’re sharing the system for others to use at their own buildings, facilities, or campuses.

Free Use for Not-for-Profits and Small Businesses
We invite not-for-profits and small businesses to download free PDFs of our key signage elements to adapt for their own policies and spaces, then print using their own resources. This approach is ideal for foundations, charities, mom-and-pops, schools, houses of worship, and other small entities. Join our mailing list below and we'll alert you as soon as the PDFs are available.

Customization and Programming by Asterisk
If your facility is large or complex, Asterisk is available to assist with customization, programming, and system deployment based on your facilities and policies. A percentage of fee from these services will be donated to Central Texas charities. Please contact us to discuss your engagement.

Licensing for Commercial Use
For-profit entities who have the resources and skills to adapt and apply GamePlan themselves may license our set of editable art files. Please contact us for details.

This program is simple and well-developed, encouraging employees to return to our workplace with confidence in our plan — one that’s communicated clearly and in a manner that supports our new way of working.

Scott Strzinek | Director of Global Facilities | National Instruments

Contact to discuss customization services or licensing.

Please note:

Temporary in nature and based on changing requirements and guidelines, GamePlan™ was designed for urgent and temporary use in a variety of built environments. Individual facilities’ policies and application to space must be determined by owners and/or managers. Asterisk does not set or endorse policies. While GamePlan uses universal symbols and ADA-compliant fonts and text sizes, its nature does not address the ADA’s tactile and braille requirements. Owners need to remind users that in case of emergency, existing building egress signage takes precedence.