Visual Identities

Creating graphic identities that help brands tell their stories

We create graphic identities that convey the stories of companies, products, destinations, and organizations. More than just logos, these identities are comprehensive visual vocabularies designed for consistency in every place they'll appear, from digital applications to signage and everything in between. The collection below showcases selected identities we've developed for clients across a range of industries.


  • Branding and Identity


We design identities that convey a vision for the place they represent, and that also work seamlessly in indoor and outdoor applications throughout the physical environment.


Professional Services

Professional services firms and other corporate clients turn to us to help them capture the essence of their brand promise and turn it into an identity that highlights their greatest strengths and their unique promise to their clients.


Retail, Hospitality, and Healthcare

We use our experience with signage and experiential graphic design to create retail, healthcare, and hospitality identities that can be effectively extended into stores, restaurants, or care environments.


Not-for-Profits, Education, and Events

Our sophisticated, refined identities for educational institutions, events, and non-profit organizations help them fulfill their mission and make a memorable impression on donors, volunteers, and participants.