Over Yonder Cay

Capturing the allure of an exquisite Bahamian retreat

We created the identity, messaging, marketing materials, and environmental graphics to position this 70-acre, family-owned island in the Exumas as the Caribbean's first sustainably powered, private luxury retreat.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding and Identity
  • Message Architecture
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Marketing Collateral and Campaigns

Research and Discovery

Over Yonder Cay is only accessible by seaplane or boat, which adds to it beauty and exclusivity. It also made it a fun place for a project work session. On the island, our team worked closely with the owner, architects, and staff to understand their vision for the guest experience.


Branding and Collateral

The project’s graphic identity references the island’s signature 150'-tall wind turbines, and the messaging highlights the sense of renewal experienced when spending time in this pristine and isolated place. We applied the identity and messaging to staff and guest stationery, a leasing website, vehicle livery, uniforms, and an invitation for the island’s opening party and press event.

The Asterisk team quickly connected the dots between our renewable technology and the feeling we wanted our guests to have after a stay with us. Their entire suite of materials — identity, positioning language, signage, print materials — was perfectly reflective of our vision and on-island experience.

Michelle Woods, Vice President, Yonder Holdings Ltd.

Wayfinding and Interpretive Signage

The island’s four villas are named earth, wind, water, and sun in Italian, and the wayfinding program directs visitors to the villas using symbols representing these elements. By eliminating the need for language on the directionals, this approach simplifies navigation for international guests. We designed the signage to be fabricated in the U.S. and assembled on the island, and so that I can be stored before major storms. Other signage elements are made of cast bronze or porcelain enamel to withstand sun and salt.