Talkin’ Texan

Say it all with a twang and a drawl

It’s true that folks in the Lone Star State sometimes speak their own version of standard English. To help those new to Texas translate some of our more colorful colloquialisms, we featured nearly a hundred of our favorite words and phrases on this interactive exhibit. Flip the panels to see definitions and samples of use if you’re fixin’ to sound like a native.

“Say What?” is one of more than two hundred unique installations we designed for Oracle’s global HQ in Austin. Sure ’nuff, the content-driven collection helps orient people in space while encouraging employee engagement and showcasing the abundant culture of the state we call home.


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Project Team

  • STG Design

As a naturalized Texan and lover of beautiful design, working on this project with Asterisk was more fun than puttin’ socks on a rooster.

Maggie Stephens | Copywriter
Key Collaborators: Maggie Stephens